Addie Green Spotlight in Port St. Lucie FL

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If you've been around Vital Wellness Center a bit you know Addie Green, CTRS. She's our local ultra-running superstar, movement analyst, and training expert. Treatment at Vital always includes identifying and correcting poor movement mechanics; it's what makes us different and uncommonly successful in treating stubborn injuries in Port St. Lucie FL.

Shine Bright in Port St. Lucie FL, Addie!

Addie Green can usually be found out on the road training for some epic race.

"As a child, I was always involved in activities such as dance, gymnastics, and cheer. I was never really that great at any of those things and found myself actually preferring the conditioning part of the practice. While most hated having to run laps as conditioning or punishment, I actually preferred it."

She prefers it and she's good at it. Addie Green holds the record for the fastest time at The Skydive Ultra 100, beating every woman and man there. And, she's completed the 150-mile version of that same race! What's the secret to her success? Smart training, good coaching, and mental preparation.

"You can be as trained and as prepared as possible mileage-wise, but if you dont prepare your mind then the rest really doesnt matter."

What's even more amazing? Addie does this all as a single mom and full-time CTRS.

"So every day I run with gratitude that I have been able to push through barriers and do what I thought at one point was impossible."

Thanks, Addie!

Chiropractic Port St. Lucie FL Addie Boston Finish
Addie Green at the Boston Marathon Finish Line


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