Low Back Pain Gone in Port St. Lucie FL

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

After suffering for a year with Low Back Pain in Port St. Lucie FL, Don felt relief after just a few visits And now he has his life back. Don is a very active retired man who enjoyed a very active lifestyle until relentless low back pain seemed to sideline him for good.

Don's Story in Port St. Lucie FL

Here's Don's story in his own words:

"About a year ago, I hurt my back helping one of my kids move, a task I guarantee will never be done again. The injury to my back hurt terribly when I was in the prone [laying down] position. Needless to say it made sleeping extremely difficult, if not impossible, and I felt miserable. The lack of sleep and the stress it caused combined to create another health issue when my heart went into aFib (atrial fibrillation). My back hurt 24/7, my heart was beating irregularly, and my active lifestyle came to a crashing halt. I was nearing the conclusion that my life would never be the same.

For my low back pain, I saw a neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, and two chiropractors. I did 25 physical therapy sessions with traction, ultrasound, heat, and massage. I had over 20 injections to various locations in my back, and took a ton of muscle relaxers. Net result: NOTHING WORKED.

For my heart, I had two cardio versions (electric shock to the heart) that put my heart in rhythm, but lasted only a few days. On November 1st I was sitting on the couch and noticed my heart had gone back into rhythm on its own. It has remained that way for over six months and I feel fine. Go figure

I found that walking eased my low back pain slightly, but I needed a new pair of running/walking shoes. Rather than go to a big box store, I went to Fleet Feet in Jensen Beach where I was fitted for a great pair of sneakers. I was telling the sales woman about my low back pain, and she recommended that I make an appointment at Vital Wellness. She said that she, and many elite runners and athletes, have had outstanding results."

ready to try anything

"At this point, I was ready to try anything, so I made an appointment.

Prior to the appointment, I sent my x-rays and MRI to Vital. On my first appointment, they did a complete review of my situation and determined that all the things I had previously done [for the low back pain] had no chance of helping. It turned out to be that I had a muscular/tendon/nerve condition, not a structural issue.

We began treatments that day, and from day one I noticed an improvement in my lower back pain. I have had treatments for the past two months and they have done wonders. I have my life back. I'm back on my road bike, getting the mileage up each week. I'm playing golf again, and am 95% pain-free.

Sleeping is no longer an issue and my heart has stayed in normal (sinus) rhythm."

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