chiropractic adjustments are necessary

Have you considered seeing a chiropractor in Port St. Lucie FL? If your spinal joints don't maintain necessary movement then discs and nerves can get pinched, herniated, bulged, and in some cases nerves can die. Lack of movement in the spine can even cause the growth of osteophytes on vertebrae. Osteophytes are boney spurs that grow as a response to decreased movement and can eventually cause the bones to fuse together. With chiropractic adjustments, you can give your body the best possible opportunity to prevent this or give your body the best chance to return to a healthy state.

The Adjustment

Chiropractic is the natural method for improving the way your spine and nervous system function. By carefully examining the spine, your doctor will determine if there are any areas or segments that have become misaligned and are causing something called subluxation. Your doctor may use Computerized sEMG, Digital Thermography, advanced Digital X-ray, and other tests to determine the presence of spinal misalignments and subluxation (which deteriorates the way your nerves function). Once they have determined if you have these problems in your spine, they will adjust your spine to reduce and eventually eliminate misalignment and subluxation.

Since Chiropractic is not only a science but also an art, you’ll notice that some Chiropractors adjust differently than others. The best Chiropractors know how to change their methods depending on the needs of their patients! The goal of the Adjustment is always the same– to eliminate the misalignment and poor movement in your spine that causes subluxation.

Why is Chiropractic Care Necessary in Port St. Lucie FL?

Many of our patients explain a feeling of release following an adjustment. It is also common for our patients to report a significant decrease or disappearance of their headaches following an adjustment.

More than One Way

There are over 300 different techniques out there. Some techniques involve delivering a highly specific and accurate hands-on thrust while another may use an instrument that delivers a light thrust. There are techniques that focus on one region while another works on them all.

A Natural Pain Killer

Adjustments are used to put your body back to its natural state. Because we are working with bones that are protecting your spinal cords and nerves, we are very skilled. The majority of our patients feel relief following their first adjustment and continuously improve with care. The proof is with our patients that have been in use for decades and generations.

For You and Everyone, You Know

Elderly, teenagers, newborns, pregnant women, and even people that have had back, neck, or hip surgery are safe to adjust to. We evaluate every individual and treat every individual with the care that is specific to them. You are more than just a number on a chart at Vital Wellness Center in Port St. Lucie FL. Call us today and start your path to a healthier you!


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